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It's me Raven-Symone! This was an official website for Raven-Simone way back around 2007.
Content is from the site's 2007 - 2008 archived pages providing a glimpse of what this site offered Raven-Simone's fans.



Raven-Symone Blog Entry #1: 9/19/2007

Hey What's up everybody, It's me Raven-Symone. Thank you so much for coming on ravensymonepresents.com ... Uh yes it's taken forever for me to get a site but I want to say thank you to everyone that has started fabulous... F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S sites for me um I have registered on a few of them uh thanks for sticking up with me... sticking up for me? STICKING UP FOR ME! um all these years and finding pictures that I didn't even know... where... on... the... internet thanks for that. Um but I hope this will help you, There will be a lot more things to come. First and foremost gotta put that work on you know what I'm saying? Uh right now I am on the set of my new movie "College Road Trip" Well not on the set part but in my trailer but I got a new computer... YAY... so that means that hopefully I will be uploading some videos for you guys to check out.

Um... yeah... wow ... most of the time I am going to have make up on because these cameras are unforgiving... but we will talk about that later, anyway hope you enjoy the site uh please put a video up, I cannot wait to go on and see what you guys have been doing, what you guys are creating, if you guys want to tell me something uh and if you want stuff on the site we can't accommodate everybody but we will definitely take the best pics and put them on. Raven-symone.org Raven Source, raven... live whatever... not live we don't want to go there anymore um (laugh) thank you guys for keeping my fabulous supporters updated, I am so sorry I have been negligent of the internet for so long, hey I gotta work you know what I am saying to make sure there is stuff out there you can talk about.. hmm roar... um so I love you all, thank you so much and I hope you enjoy raven-symone presents (KISSES CAMERA)

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Rumors Last Updated February 09, 2008


Did raven marry a Gigilo?  
No, Raven did not marry a Gigilo, We contacted Raven's management for this one and this is what they had to say. "There is no accuracy to this story. Raven-Symone is and never has been engaged

Does Raven have a baby?  
No, Raven has never been pregnant. She has no child or adopted child. Just another rumor. 

Is Raven's album named "Fly Like A Raven"?  
No, This Rumor has been floating around since 2004 before the release of her 3rd album "This Is My Time". 

Does Raven come to this site?  
Raven has been to this site, and is a registered member under an alias name. She is not an "Active member" but she has acknowledged the site on her official website raven-symonepresents.com 

Do you Know Raven-Symone?  
We do not know Raven personally but do have rare contacts with her publicist and her manager. We always confirm news and exclusives directly through them. 

Is Raven going to be in the 3rd movie "Cheetah Girls"?  
No, Raven will not be reprising her role as Galleria in "The Cheetah Girls" movie. She was simply just an actress in the first 2. The actual Cheetah Girls group contains only the 3 members. 

Does Raven have a Myspace or any other online group account?  
No, Well not really. She has an official MYSPACE set up by Hollywood Records over at www.myspace.com/raven-symone. Other then this, she has no group online account and any you find are just fakes. 

Does Raven have an email account or AIM?  
No, Raven does not have an email address nor an AIM sn. She does not have the time for this. If you find one it is a fake. Raven has confirmed this. 

Did That's So Raven end?  
Yes, That's So Raven ended at the start of 2005. Disney has officially aired all known episodes and it is now just in syndication. DVD Sets have not been announced for a release date yet. 

Is Raven mean?  
Of course not, She is very professional and does not talk about her personal life and people take that as being stand offish and rude. That is not the case. She is very down to earth and warming.


Raven-Symone Source B I O G R A P H Y

please note that this Biography is typed up by the staff here at raven source and is not taken on any webpage. Please be courteous and if used credit.
If you would like to add or edit this biography email us


Biography Raven-Symone Christina Pearman was born on December 10, 1985 to Christopher and Lydia Pearman. For the fist five years of her life, she lived it out like every other child... well kind of. "Raven did everything early," says her mother Lydia, a former systems analyst for the NCR Corporation. "In fact, she tried to sing before she could talk." Raven had something special. She was spunky, out there, and had a spark for the hollywood business. So much, that their family practically packed up, and stopped their lives to fulfill their daughters dreams.
Biography Raven started modeling at the age of two, and was immediately successful appearing in local print ads. Her agent in her Hometown of Atlanta, Georgia sent photos of her to the prestigious Ford Modeling Agency in New York City. The very next day, the agency called asking if she could come to New York. Taking a chance, the family moved to the Big Apple and Raven starred in a dozen commercials within the year--from Fisher Price and Jell-O to Cool Whip and Ritz Crackers. She therefore tried out for her first screen read in the feature film "Ghost Dad," starring Bill Cosby. Although she was too young for the role, her personality and ability for memorizing lines greatly impressed the casting directors, who brought her to Bill Cosby's attention. After meetings with the writers and producers of "The Cosby Show," as well as with Mr.Cosby, Raven's character premiered on the show during the sixth season until the end of the show in season eight in 1992. It was a sad goodbye for everyone on the show, but Raven was determined not to be just another "Child Star" fading away. She already had plans.
Biography On September 22, 1992, Raven was given the part of Nicole on the top-rated series "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper." While wrapping up season one of the show Raven signed onto MCA Recods (The youngest artist ever to have signed with the label). During season two of Hangin' With Mr. Cooper, Raven was in the works on her first album, "Here's To New Dreams." a mix of R&B, pop and rap. Getting help with the album from the now famous Missy Elliot, she produced her first single, "That's What Little Girls Are Made Of." Unfortunately, her album didn't sell as much as her label had hoped for and she was dropped. Raven went back to work on the hit sitcom Hangin' With Mr. Cooper for Season three. While on hiatus from the show, Raven went on to perform on Broadway singing with the Boys Choir of Harlem as part of their 25th Anniversary celebration.
Biography As if that wasn't enough, Raven still had a lot of time on her hands. She went back into the studio, and not just any studio this time, but her own record label titled "Rayblaize Records". Her second album neatly titled, "Undeniable," had none other than Stevie Wonder contribute a track and guest vocals. To help promote the project, she found herself opening for 'N Sync on tour and later headlining her own international tour. All this while shooting a mini series for ABC titled "Queen" and made her feature film debut in The Little Rascals.
Biography With the results back from ABC, Hangin' With Mr. Cooper was coming back for a fourth season. No projects were currently on Raven's schedule, so she took on many tasks including the voice of Goldilocks in the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears for the HBO animated series "Happily Ever After." Raven was also a presenter at the People's Choice Awards, NAACP Image Awards, The International Emmys, Night of a Hundred Stars, Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards, and the Jim Thorpe Sports Awards. Sadly, her second album was not as successful as she had hoped, and Rayblaize Records wrapped.

While Raven was had at work for season five of Mr. Cooper, results came back that the show would not be returning for a sixth season.

Now 12 years old, Raven was at a road block. With two canceled sitcoms, two failed albums, and no work ahead, the star was stunned. What was she to do?

Biography In 1998, FOX Network came knocking on Raven's door with a movie script that stared comedian Eddie Murphy. She would play the daughter of Mr. Murphy's daughter Charisse Dolittle. The movie was a sucsess and just happened to be Raven's first bigfeature Film.

After the movie was made, Raven decided to take some time off for the first time in her career. She attended Atlanta's North Springs High School for her first year of high school and worked at being a normal kid.

Biography While in school, she couldnt resist the hollywood spotlight, so she went back to work in 1999 playing Nebula Wade on the Disney Channel's hit movie Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. Disney couldn't resist Raven and signed her on for a pilot episode. In 2001, Raven went back to the set playing Eddie Murphy's daughter in the 2001 feature film Dr. Dolittle 2. The movie was a hit, Raven won many young talent awards that same year. What made Raven truly unique that year is her status as an ambassador to children. Her efforts on behalf of her peers have won her awards and praise. "I believe in kid power," says Raven. "I think kids should be the best that they can be. If they have special talent, they should work toward being the best at it. I want people to know me as a good person who respects others and is always polite."
Biography While 2001 may have been huge, nothing would be as big as year 2002 with a pilot episode she was filming with the Disney Channel titled "Absolutely Psychic," Later titled "That's So Raven" due to Raven's ability to make people laugh. The show premiered on Disney Channel in the USA on January 17, 2003.
Biography While filming her Disney sitcom, Raven went into the studio to record some tracks for Disney's soon to be movie "The Cheetah Girls." The movie became Disney's highest rated movie. They knew Raven had something, and with the ratings through the roof on her disney show, it soon got higher ratings than "Lizzie McGuire," Disney's highest rated TV show at the time.
Biography In 2004, Raven appeared in Disney's third sequel, "Zenon: Z3." While shooting her cameo appearance, Raven went back into the studio to work on some tracks for her hit TV show "That's So Raven." The sales were off the chart. It became Gold soon after. Raven also made a cameo appearance in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement playing Asana, a princess from overseas.
Biography While working on her second season of That's So Raven, she went into the studio to work on her third solo album with Hollywood Records titled "This is My Time." Raven went on a promotional tour including several concerts with Radio Disney, magazine covers, and talk shows including Regis & Kelly and TRL. Sadly the promotional tour didn't kick in until 3 months after the album dropped. The first week sales were disappointing because of the lack of promotion ahead of time. The album made it at the #56 spot on the Billboard 200 List. Without time to be upset, Raven went back on the set shooting a Lifetime Orginal Movie titled "For One Night." A moving drama inspired by a true story about a 12th grader who risks her social and academic standing to end her high school’s long tradition of racially segregated proms.
Biography Shortly after filming, Raven went back to the set of the Disney show "That's So Raven," this time playing the role of producer. With now being in the fourth season, the show has been the only Disney TV series to surpass the 65 episode mark.

In December 2005, Raven co-hosted the New years Eve party on the Disney Channel. Raven's 2005 year has been the biggest by far, with her own clothing line, cosmetics line, and even her own doll. Raven is coming into her own. We can only wait to see what the next few years hold for her and as well as us, her fans.

  In 2006 Raven-Symone started it on a BANG paste with the premiere of her new movie "For One Night" in February it got rave reviews and eventually was nominated for an NAACP award. She was finishing up her 2005-2006 "This Is MY Time" Promotional tour and wrapped her 100th Episode of "That's So Raven".
Later that year, Raven started her promotional tour for the animated movie "Everyone's Hero" in which she voiced a character in. During that SAME year raven went to Barcelona to film her new Disney movie "The Cheetah Girls 2" In which she was co-producer in this time around. After several appearances without the Cheetah Girls due to the fact she was touring and promoting her other projects it was announced that raven will not take part in the 3rd installment. Raven had no time to be disappointed as she started her promotional tour for her 2nd Disney series album "That's So Raven 2" which she also wrote several of the songs on that album. In September of 2006 raven went to Canada where she released her new clothing line based on the Disney Series which was already making over 400 million in revenue. 2006 Was one of the biggest years for raven on a personal professional level but lacked in Media. However raven was ready for her long deserved break and took the last couple months off for that year. She also celebrated her 21st birthday at Public hot spot TAO.
  2007 started out with a bang, Raven-Symone graced the cover of the historical magazine "EBONY" In the March 2007 issue she was declared the "400 million dollar woman" even though her networth of that was only $44-50 million. During the same time our co webmaster Ryan met Raven-Symone for the first time where he was able to clear up rumors about her "at the time" official website Raven Live.
Announced this year was her new movie "College Road Trip" co-staring Martin Lawrence. Another movie project was going to be "Adventures in Babysitting" a Remake of the original classic from 1987, however that film project fell threw and College Road Trip was set to start production in July 2007.
Her new Untitled album was set to be released in 2007 but kept being pushed back due to schedule conflicts. In May 2007, 2 tracks were leaked to the internet from her upcoming album titled "Green" and "That Got It Girl" Both songs were later confirmed to not be on her upcoming album. (most likely due to the leak)
Rumors also circulated this year about Raven being in Madagascar 2, it was confirmed by her management that she was in fact not taking any part of the film. The last episode Raven ever filmed for Disney aired this year in an episode of "Cory In The House" It finished out all 100 episodes of the Tv Show (That's So Raven).
The biggest news for the year 2007 came in July when her manager announced the opening of her new website "Raven-Symone Presents" which includes many "How to" videos and a personal sections for her.
Raven also made her first TV debut in more then a year on the NBC's tv short lived show "Phenomenon" in October.
The Official Trailer for Raven's new movie "College Road Trip" was released in early November, it was well received by all fans!



2008 started out as the biggest year for raven to date, if not the busiest. Raven would start promotion for her new movie gracing magazines of Cosmo Girl, People, Us Weekly, and many more through out the months.
With many short ads such as the "College Road Trip" diaries and Disney's on set Movie Surfers the movie was being promoted in a big way.
Raven would also make many appearances on morning tv shows and miscellaneous shows such as "The Big Idea". Many notable appearances included ELLEN, TRL, LIVE WITH REGIS & KELLY, and CW11!
Her single for the movie "Double Dutch Bus" was released with a music video that stands in the top 30 songs on Radio Disney and in the top 10 on Itunes for R&B.
Finally before the debut of her movie "College Road Trip" it was announced her new album titled "Raven-Symone" would be out on April 29th and a tour would follow from July to August!
Her movie "College Road Trip" debuted at #2 on opening weekend which the staff at Raven Source were privileged enough to see at a special screening and as well as at the premiere with Raven-Symone.
With the year still not even half over, it is working up to be the most successful year to date for miss Raven-Symone!